Server Closure

2022-Feb-04 20:59

The server is closed for undefined amount of time.

Game Update #10

2022-Jan-06 16:37

Today's update changelog:

» Christmas Event ended - christmas tree and all decorations are removed from the game
» E-mok EXP bugfix - particular mobs had the experience boost (+20%) not applied, this is fixed now.

Player is not required to update game client.

E-mok Island, Golden Armor & Weapons

2021-Dec-30 14:14

1. The game is updated with new leveling area:
» E-mok Island

The enterance is through Son of The Sky Soldier NPC in Narootuh.
The new area applies special E-mok buff which increases EXP by 20%.

New Golden Armor & Weapon items are possible to be looted on the Island. It is also possible to gather Doggebi Armor from low level monsters.

The daily buff lasting time depends on player level and honor class.

Level Time
1~59 +30min
60~69 +45min
70+ +60min

Honor Class Time
None, Recruit, Private, Specialist +30min
Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant +40min
Captain, Major +50min
Colonel, General +60min

Once the buff is gone, player can no longer use E-mok Island.
Daily E-mok Island buff is reset every day 00:00(GMT+1).
If player used all possible time, character will go town automatically.
Saving position on E-mok is possible. Using Moving when buff expires makes player teleport back automatically and the moving scroll is lost.

Players can extend E-mok Island buff lasting time with Dragon Certificates. Acquire the certificates from Lady NPC in Temporary Fort.

2. G59 Honor Stick weapon is added to Honor Store.

3. Battlefield NPC has been moved to Narootuh, next to skill masters.

Player is required to update game client.

Happy New Year 2022!

D3/D4 remaining floors and future updates

2021-Dec-23 16:58

Today's update brings following changes:
» G55/59 droprate is increased x2 in D4
» Doggebi Tower floor 9 is opened (without Doggebi Lord boss)
» Cave of Giant Bird floor 6 is opened (without Demon Nest boss)
» Fix issue with Castle War flag invisibility

Next week there will be E-mok update with Golden Armor & Weapon (G62/60).

Merry Christmas!

Game patch #9

2021-Dec-17 17:11

Today's server, client and web update brings following changes:

» Bead of Fire effect is displayed correctly during PVP now
» Bead of Fire effect is more frequent now
» Ranking is shortened to show top 25 players
» Santa Boots of Mage 0% drop chance issue is fixed

The maintenance will take a little bit longer today, due to server system update and full backup procedure.
Player is required to download new game patch.
Thank you for playing.

Battlefield PVP & Christmas Events & Doggebi Gear

2021-Dec-09 16:07

Today's week update brings following changes.

1. Christmas Event 1 - decorate the Christmas Tree!

There is Christmas Tree in Temporary Fort and it needs decorations. Decorations - Wreath, Golden Bells and Golden Stars can be gathered from high and middle level monsters around the world (besides Abandoned Grave (Dungeon 1)). Player can decorate the tree and see the Tree level increase (Lv1~5). Once level 5 is reached, EXP&Drop event is started for 30 minutes. The tree level is back to 1 after 6 hours and tree can be decorated again.
To check where it is possible to loot decorations exactly, please refer to full droplist on discord server.

2. Christmas Event 2 - Santa Stuff!

Low level monsters are giving santa stuff away! Kill low level monsters to gather Santa's armor. Bots sell the gathered stuff as well!

3. Battlefield PVP.

The battlefield arena is added. Level requirement is 50. The schedule is:
- Tuesday, 19:30 registration, 20:00-20:30 battle
- Thursday, 19:30 registration, 20:00-20:30 battle
- Friday, 19:30 registration, 20:00-20:30 battle
- Saturday, 19:30 registration, 20:00-20:30 battle

Loosing side gets Speed/Atk/Def handicap buff upon death and auto revival!
You can register in Temporary Fort or by typing /regbf command.
There is Honor Point, Reward Point and Silver KalCash reward for participation.

4. Cave of the Giant Bird (D4) floors opening.

Floor 4 and 5 are opened. The Crazy Demon Warriors, Demon Defenders and Bosses of Demon Workers loot Doggebi items (G55/59).
Please refer to full droplist for detailed info.

5. Bead of Fire is added to Gold KalCash store & droprate is increased.

6. Champion PVP team size is adjusted from 10 to 8. (8vs8)

7. Ghost Shaped Steel Shield (G55) is added to Honor Store.

Player is required to download new patch.
Thank you for playing!

Bead of Fire & Patches

2021-Dec-02 22:23

As mentioned in last patch notes, the server will be getting content updates every Friday. This Friday, (03/12/2021) the server will be updated with following changes:

1. Bead of Fire item is added
» Obtainable from high level monsters
» Half and full set effect with bonus stats (link)
» Apply success chance is based on armor grade
Grade Success
G46 50%
G50 25%
G55 20%
G60 15%
G65 10%

2. Game patches
» 1hit issue on Champion PVP is resolved
» Behead skill cooldown check is added
» Cast time check for Revival skill of Mage and Commander is implemented
» Rush skill animation effect is no longer visible when player ends rush without skill execution
» Cave of Giant Bird portals to lower floors teleport in front of the closed wall now
» Player ip is now being logged to ban all player accounts in case of player hacking
» Mysterious Arrow could not be used issue due to lack of mana is fixed now

Player is required to download new patch.
Thanks for playing!

Purchase Gold KalCash

2021-Nov-28 19:06

It is possible to purchase Gold KalCash now. Payment methods:
» Pay directly with bitcoin (if you already own bitcoin).
» Pay with USD/EUR by buying bitcoin via Credit Card/Wire Transfer/PayPal/Skrill/etc.

Current price for 1K Gold KalCash is displayed on the right side panel under KalCash » Price category. The price is updated automatically depending on current BTC price and always matches 100€ = 1000 Gold KalCash.

Contact lafreak on discord for further assistance.

New dungeon floors, PVP rewards, KalCash

2021-Nov-26 17:08

As a quick note, from now on, the game updates will be done once a week (Friday) if possible. This should reduce the amount of server restarts during the week.

New play areas are available now.
» Doggebi Tower floors are opened F7-8
» Cave of Giant Bird floors are opened F2-3

Silver and Gold KalCash items are added. Meet Lady, Dea-Mon in Temporary Fort to learn more.
» Silver KalCash allows buying account bound KalCash items, obtainable by playing the game.
» Gold KalCash allows buying unbounded KalCash items.

Update of Champion PVP.
» Winners are rewarded with Honor Points, Reward Points and Silver KalCash. Rewards are limited to 10 wins per day max. After reaching the win limit, player can still play the arena but the rewards are not applied.
» Champion registration tent is added to Temporary Fort. Players can still use /regchamp and /unregchamp to queue.
» Spectator mode for all players. You can watch the PVP at any time. Use Champion Tent in Temporary For to learn more.
» Regroup time is extended to 1 minute.
» Arena map is slightly modified now.
» Player is automatically unregistered now upon log out.

Other modifications.
» Mage healing spells increase Rage required for Ancient Transform now.
» Fixed issue with Necklace and Ring of Sage not being able to be purchased from Honor Shop.

Player is required to update the client.
Thank you for playing!

Champion 10vs10 PVP (BETA)

2021-Nov-21 21:01

New PVP system is added to the game. Players can register any time during the day and wait for lobby to fill 20 players. Once there are 20 players queued, PVP will start. Both sides are picked based on level balancement rule. Players have 30 seconds to form a party and prepare. Then, the battle begins. There is only 1 round currently which lasts 10 minutes. The arena is very small.
» /regchamp to register
» /unregchamp to unregister

You can register and continue playing. Once the queue is full, all players will be teleported to the arena.
There are currently no rewards for participation during testing phase.

Keep in mind the system might be temporarily disabled in case of issues.

Game client needs to be updated. Visit download section!

Game patch #8

2021-Nov-20 12:37

The server is updated with following changes.

» Added more skills to cast time protection to counter multi skill hacks. The protection is still not complete, the list of protected skills increase every update.
» Polishings droprate from monsters is increased 3x. Polishings are removed from fishing. Full droplist is available on discord #droplist channel.

Client update is not required.


Client update #7

2021-Nov-19 15:50

The client is updated with neccessary security fixes. It is required to download new patch from download section.

Game patch #6

2021-Nov-16 22:20

The server is patched with following changes:
» Refining Weapon skill issue with attack point calculation is fixed
» Rush skill cooldown, range and casting glitches are checked serverside

Client update is not required.

Honor Accessories & Party Buffs

2021-Nov-14 17:15

Game Patch #5 is here!

This update brings long awaited party buffs. The buffs are applied to all party members in close proximity of the buffed target only. There are also adjustments to make all buffs refreshable. The changes are applied to:
» Speed Up
» Refining Weapon
» Defense Improvement
» Blessing of Health
» Blessing of Agility
» Blessing of Strength
» Blessing of Intelligence
» Increase of Critical Hit

Honor accessories will be added to the game. Hermit's Ring and Hermit's Necklace are purchasable in Narootuh for reward points. You can enchant the accessories using Honor Talismans which can be obtained from merchants in every town for geons. The accessories can be upgraded up to +7 stat point of your choice. Following success and destroy ratio applies:
Level Success Destroy
+1 100% 0%
+2 100% 0%
+3 100% 0%
+4 80% 10%
+5 60% 10%
+6 40% 20%
+7 20% 50%

To make sure the accessory will not get destroyed, one can use Hermit's Water. This item has been added to droprate to the same monsters as Polishing Stones, Rebirths and Mixing Stones.

The changes will be applied after Castle War.
User is required to download latest patch from download section.

Happy buffing!

Castle War footage rewards

2021-Nov-10 13:38

Every Castle War video posted on YouTube will be rewarded with bound KalCash items:
» 10 High-Grade Rebirth of Scroll
» Scroll of Power Improvement
» Scroll of Normal Perfect Defense

Video requirements:
» has to be public
» has to be named: "Bango KalOnline Castle War <DATE>"
» has to be at least 30 minutes long (preferably entire war footage)
» player has to participate actively in combat

Let the war begin!

Doggebi Tower, Cave of Giant Bird, EXP & Drop Event

2021-Nov-09 20:33

Update scheduled for Thursday, 11/11/2021:
» Doggebi Tower (D3) F1-6 will be opened
» Cave of Giant Bird (D4) F1 will be opened
» Stone of Mystery, Stone of Demon's Blood will be added to droprate
» Rebirth will be added to droprate
» Polishing Stones droprate will be increased

EXP & Drop Event (+100%) scheduled for Friday, 12/11/2021 to celebrate 2 weeks of Bango server!
» Friday, 20:00-21:00 GMT+1 (use /servertime)

Thank you for playing <3!

Game patch #4

2021-Nov-09 18:00

The game is updated with following changes:
» Automatic Castle War honor rewards after war ends, player needs to be online to receive it
» Castle War lasting time reduced to 1h, new time: every Sunday, 20:00~21:00
» Ingame /servertime command
» Weapons and shields removed from honor reward store - those items will be added accordingly when G55/60/65 will be added to the game
» Castle tax applies to Food Merchant in Narootuh and all Mission Announcers now
» Blessing after usage of High Grade Rebirth of Scroll to avoid rb-killing

There is new client patch available as well, but it is not required to download it.

Game patch #3

2021-Nov-07 11:00

Game is patched with following changes:
» Rebirths are disabled on Castle War now.
» Fishing limit is decreased to Lv. 1
» KalCash items drop for Lv. 31+ fishers only.

This patch does not require client update.

Royal Tomb of GuhBalHan (D2) update

2021-Nov-05 21:00

Royal Tomb of GuhBalHan dungeon is added. Possible items to be found:
» G46/50/53/56
» Mixing Stones, Talismans
» Polishing Stones

Halloween event is over. Custom hats are no longer to be found in boxes.

It is required to download new patch from download section.

Happy looting!

Patch #2

2021-Nov-03 21:00

Game is patched with following changes:
» Fix rare issue with game freeze forcing player to restart the client
» Life Absorption did not consume mana when missed, it is fixed now
» Fishing limit is increased to Lv. 21
» Fishing and wooden box droprates are adjusted

This patch requires downloading latest patch from download section.

Free Stone of Birth item

2021-Nov-03 07:00

Free Stone of Birth item for player stat redistribution will be available from Prophet NPC at fort. The change will be applied in next server update this Wednesday, 03/11/2021. There is no level limit to receive the stone - one per character. In order to get the update download latest patch from download page.

Happy statting!

Patch #1 has arrived

2021-Oct-31 21:00

The game is patched with following changes:
» Sea bream with blood droprate is increased
» Fishing droprate of kal cash items is now based on player level - higher level characters have higher chance of dropping kal cash items to encourage fishing with main characters only
» Teacher&Student system does not reward players for reaching 16/30Lv. anymore.

Game client update is not required unless you have issues on Windows 7 operating system.

Good luck!

Windows 7 issue has been fixed

2021-Oct-30 15:03

The game client has been updated to support Windows 7 operating system. To have the fix applied, download latest patch from download page. Visit #common-issues channel on discord if you have any more issues!

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Official start date announced!

2021-Oct-26 14:30

The server will start 29 October 2021, 20:00 GMT+2 (Paris time)

Bot edition - what does it mean?

2021-Oct-26 14:00

The server will be populated by human-like bots leveling and trading items together with players. The bots are able to select appropriate spots, kill monsters, complete quest events and change job. Bots know how to add stats and use skills in combat. They also have randomized AFK hours when they set up shop with own items and search other shops to buy items for themselves. You can actually use these bots to buy armor/weapons with lower price than merchant's, or sell your items to nearby bot if your price will be attractive enough. The bots are smart enough to buy medicines, waters and empty their inventory in case it is full.

The number of bots will be adjusted accordingly when needed.

If the bots will be fun to play with, there are plans to improve this system by adding party/guild formation and possibility to join parties with bots. Join discord to give feedback and suggest improvements!

Project details and rates

2021-Oct-26 12:00

Project Codename: Bango Classic - bots edition

This is going to be Classic KalOnline Server based on 2009 gameplay. Server files are clean with minimal modifications to support 2018 engine. Why 2018 engine and new UI you may ask? This is because the server is planned to be long term and eventually, as time goes on, introduce 3rd job and balanced thief! The modifications contain neccessary adjustment to block common cheats, hacks and exploits such as cooldown hack, imp hack and so on. No source code was reused from the community, everything is re-coded from ground up!


The classic gameplay is designed to be rather slow and steady:

  • - Exp rate: x6
  • - Egg exp: x5
  • - Drop rate: x3
  • - Imp/mix rate: x3
  • - Quest EXP: x6
  • - Quest Drop: x3

Classes and jobs

Players may choose between 3 characters: Knight, Mage, Archer. Thief is considered to be added in late game. Each class can choose its job at 50Lv. (second job). The third job at 70Lv. is disabled but considered to be added in late game if there will be enough players reaching 70Lv.


The classic KalOnline questing consists of 2 quest kinds: Event and Task. This server changes nothing in terms these systems. You need to follow main quest line (Events) to change first and second job. The third questing system are Mission Letters. These are repeatable missions you can complete by talking with Mission Announcer. The usual flow is to trade monster heads for EXP.

Dungeons and leveling areas

The only available dungeon at the beginning will be Abandoned Grave (Dungeon 1). As the game progresses towards higher levels more dungeons and floors will be opened for players. Since this is classic server there are no custom playing areas and the monsters have original stats.

New AI and Monster Blob

The server is adjusted for "new" monster AI that makes the monster run towards player immediately when player gets into monster sight range. There is also posibility to destroy (blob) the monster by running into safe zone. There is no button to switch the blob on/off. The button got obsolete since there are no glitches that make the monsters blob in a middle of a lure.

Player Skills

There are no custom skills, and the existing skills damage and cooldown formulas are not modified. This means we have the same balancement as KalOnline used to have in 2009. Even Life Absorption is level based (but without the annoying 0HP bug!). There is difference for CJB buffs - all have lasting time increased to 30min.

PvP content - player versus player

Castle War - every week (Sunday), winning guild getting the merchant tax income.
10-minute sin masks - to enforce fighting for spots in crowded areas; dying with mask on has 10% probability of dropping an item!
Duel Tournaments - not automated, organised manually by game master every few days with custom rewards.


For ease of teleportation, there are chat commands: /naro /cargo /mine /fort /bird /cop. You can also buy teleports from merchants and when used, the items are not removed from inventory. There are also D1/D2/D3/D4/Devil Castle teleporters around the towns. All other areas need to be reached by foot or by using Saving and Moving Scrolls.

Teacher and Student system

There is classic teacher and student system. Players up to level 11 can ask for a teacher and receive full G8 set in return. This enables in-game teacher and student chat. Players do not receive cash for reaching 16/30Lv.

Features not available on this server

Shaman, swordtrickster, costumes, mana meds, dragon spirit scrolls, qigongs, gongs, trigrams, hanin essences, buff scrolls, daily quests, pets, riding, custom pvps.

Server opened for bots

2021-Jun-01 16:00

The server is available for bots only. More than 500 bots are testing the server 24/7.